Nana Flakes Nutrition Facts

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Nana Flakes (100% Pure Dried Banana)

No added sugar, salt, color, or artificial flavoring

Nana Flakes are 100% natural, made from pure dried bananas. They are a great tasting way to get the potassium you need, which is the natural way to control diarrhea and prevent heart burn!

Use Nana Flakes to decrease the amount of fat in a recipe or to make great tasting banana smoothies, banana puree, thicken food and beverages, cake icing, and much more.

Nana Flakes are great for young children, growing children, teens, adults and even our elders. Nana Flakes may be added to baby cereals as well as after-school malteds, not to mention cake and cookie mixes (can replace some or all of the fat).

Additionally, Nana Flakes is usable in tube fed patients. Speak to our Pharmacist today about your condition and see how Nana Flakes can help you take control.

Try Nana Flakes in this easy to follow recipe. It is one way to stay healthier and enjoy great tasting foods everyday!

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